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In Home View Professional Property Marketing offers complete marketing solutions for presenting a property. The internet has become the primary source when shopping for a new home. Potential buyers have access to hundreds of homes right at their fingertips! The days of shooting photographs with a cell phone or a “point and shoot” camera are no longer acceptable for many people looking to hire a real estate agent. In Home View uses professional equipment and lighting to capture images of the highest quality.

In Home View’s Aerial Photography service may be the single most valuable investment in your property listing. The low elevation aerial photograph offers a new and unique angle to the main exterior of your property. This angle is perfect for capturing ocean and sound backgrounds, unique amenities, pools, and more! This photograph will allow your listing to stand out and “pop” when the viewer is scrolling through the overwhelming amount of homes on the internet.

Virtual Floor Plan Tours will allow the viewer to see the exact layout of the house. They can navigate through the home by clicking the rooms and viewing the high quality images. No longer will the potential buyer have to visualize the layout of the property. These tours will bring extra attention to your property. The viewers will appreciate the time you have saved them by giving them a clear visual of the exact layout of the house.

Our Professional Photography services will create a stunning and attractive look to your listing. The days of uploading cell phone photographs to the MLS are coming to an end. Real Estate Agents are seeing the difference in professional photography and getting results. Again, shopping for a home online is the new standard, and great photographs are going to attract more buyers.

Adding a Movie Tour virtually transports potential buyers to the property without leaving home. Still photographs are important, but a movie gives a realistic feel of the property. These movies add a stunning final touch and lasting impression of your listing. In Home View offers discounted rates when combining our services to create the ultimate property showcase. When you are ready to take your property presentations to the next level, please contact us.

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